Application Process

Application Process

1. The applicant indicates interest and receives an application kit, including:

2. Applicant submits a completed application form, including:

  • Certification that applicant spends over 50 percent of paid work time in consulting or in activities directly supporting consulting
  • Completes description of firm’s services/products
  • Answers to ethics questions
  • Signed commitment to Bylaws and Code of Ethics
  • Signature of recommending member*

3. Applicant submits the first year’s dues with the application form.

4. The applicant’s credentials are circulated in executive session at subsequent meeting and the recommending member answers questions about the applicant.

5. The application is considered in executive session at a following meeting. the recommending member makes the case for membership.

6. The applicant is notified of the decision by the CPN president.

Dues and Fees Schedule:

The annual membership dues are $75 per year per individual. The membership year is from September 1st through the following August 30th. Dues are not pro-rated for new members.


An applicant is expected to secure a “recommending member” who, either by previous knowledge of the applicant’s work or by meeting with the applicant and contacting client references, will recommend the applicant to the membership.

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