I’m thankful that I can say, my parents gave me a deep sense of family values and personal integrity. I believe in people and strive to help each person grow individually in order to develop to their potential. This creates an environment for health, and a strong organization.

I coach leadership at a business level and personal level.  Businesses are made by the people who breathe life into each process their business requires.  When all parts of the business, both people and process, can be coached towards greater potential, exciting things happen.

Currently, I live in Post Falls, Idaho. I have been married to my wife, Barb, for 36 years and have three sons: Stephen, Alex, and Casey.  If you are wondering why I have a pirate ship as a logo, hopefully my picture helps explain that a little!

Qualifications as an experienced business and leadership coach:     Associated with Target Training International Performance Systems, Scottsdale, Arizona (ttisuccess.com) and Personality Insights, Atlanta, Georgia (personality-insights.com). Effective Life Management has attracted clients to include Labor Consultants International, White Elephant, Action Mortgage, Hecla Mining, Rolled Steel Products Inc., The McGregor Company, Roche Diagnostics, Mr. Rooter, Foundation Northwest, Rathdrum Power LLC, Spirit Lake Fire Department, Vera Water & Power, Critical Power Exchange, as well as other notable organizations.

Effective Life Management

Post Falls, ID 83854
The goal of coaching is to profoundly affect the way that the leadership thinks and behaves. Dialogue is the heart of coaching. A company’s largest cost is…PEOPLE
. It’s most valuable asset is… PEOPLE. 
 Plans succeed or fail due to…PEOPLE
. We develop PEOPLE and…
 PEOPLE build companies!